They are turning my head out to access my bank account.

If anyone knows Ashley, ask her to call 201-676-4545. She apparently owes people some money or something. These people think I am Ashley. And they won’t stop freakin’ calling me.

Today, I was actually allowed to sleep late. It was intentional, so I could get to work later and avoid overtime. But I get two calls from that number before then. I ignore them, but they still wake me up. Then at work, I get a third one. This time I answer. The foreign-sounding person (not that foreigners are bad, but do they have to outsource their harassment?) asked for Ashley. I said no I am not Ashley please take me off your list you keep calling and there is no Ashley. It’s a variation of the same speech I’ve given many times. I hope they listened this time. But I doubt it. Maybe “take me off your list” will cue some awareness, since I’m not sure if I’ve said that specific phrase before today. But I’m not counting on it. If their database-whoever they are-says I am Ashley, they’re going to keep calling and asking for Ashley.

I would invite you to call that number and harass those people, but I suspect it’s a fake number, a “spoof” number, if you will. And I also get quite a few of the nefarious car warranty robocalls. Those may be easier to stop, based on the tide of lawsuits turning against the bastards. This I’m not so sure about.

It’s ruining my love for “Lovers in Japan,” the Coldplay song I have set as my ringtone. When I hear that song, I want to imagine soaring….sunsets and happy magical unicorns. Inspirational crap, by golly! Not “Will you asshats leave Ashley the eff alone?”

If anyone has any ideas to get rid of these people, let me know. I’m afraid one day I will wake up, see that number and throw the phone across the room. Then I will have to get a replacement and sign another contract with AT&T. And that’s no good.

So, how is your Monday going? Any annoying phone calls to speak of?



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3 responses to “They are turning my head out to access my bank account.

  1. TheDomina

    That happened to me a while ago and I think I had to have some sort of “proof” that I was not that person and that they did not live there but I don’t remember the specifics b/c it was ages ago and on a landline. I think I told them that that person moved out a year ago and left no forwarding address and they stopped calling. Somehow. Maybe it was luck?

  2. cate3710

    Does your phone have a “reject list” that you can add the number to? They’ll keep calling, but the phone won’t ring anymore.

  3. Heather

    You could always turn your phone off or put it on no sound when you want to sleep… though the calls would still annoy you during other times. I keep getting calls from “private.” So I’ve started picking up and just leaving the phone until they hang up (we have tons of minutes). The calls have become reduced since then.

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