No Sims 3 For This PC

I’ve been seeing ads for The Sims 3 as its June 2 release date gets closer. Last summer, I became immersed in Sims 2, which I still play on weekends (and sometimes during the week).

But to a degree, I’ve been trying to avoid the Sims 3 stuff. Because here is what happens when I look up stuff about it: I get excited, then look at the system requirements, and I realize this may not work.

My computer is two-and-a-half years old and been through a fair amount. It’s a Dell my mom got me when I graduated college. It’s been pretty decent to me overall, but I can’t really afford to replace it right now. Even the Sims 2 seems to mess it up sometimes, so I’m optimistic about how this third edition will do. And I don’t have quite enough RAM or GHz. I could buy some more, yes. But I’m thinking I’d be better off waiting a few more months until I can just get a new computer and Sims 3 to boot.

Plus, there’s the time-suck factor. When I first started playing Sims, it was like crack. Now it’s mellowed down to say, a nice wine I can drink every now and again without waking up to a hangover. I would, at least in theory, like to do more writing. That won’t happen if I get Sims 3.

So between my computer and my productivity issues, I’ll probably just wait. Although I may still break and ask for it for my birthday in a month. But I shall try to resist. If any of you are Sims fans, you know how addictive it can be. I try to tell myself Sims addicts aren’t as annoying and zombie-like as World of Warcraft addicts, but that may just be me being a video game elitist. Although Sims people don’t interact with others on the Internet, which actually helps make it less addictive because it’s all you interacting with yourself and people who don’t actually exist.

On an unrelated note, anyone type so fast and hard they lose keys on their keyboard? I do about 90-100 wpm, and have lost three or four keys. Some have reattached, only to spring off later. So I’ve given up.


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