Here comes the usher.

Sorry, wrong usher.

Sorry, wrong usher.

So, that wedding I’m going to in late July? I need a purple or blue dress suitable for ushering people to their seats. It’s a way for my lovely friend to include me without me being a bridesmaid, as that is difficult from 11 hours away (I will be joined in ushering by a cousin of the groom). I’m plus-sized, and probably don’t have the time or money to go to a boutique. Any suggestions are welcome, and thanks in advance.

And yes, I should have started on this earlier. I know. My title was just made semi-official a week or two ago, for whatever that is worth. And this bride isn’t the type to curse me and the next seven generations of my family for going outside what she wants, by the way. But her colors are purple and blue, so let’s shoot for that, if possible. It’s an outdoor wedding, by the way. If that means anything to you.

And to anyone who has already offered help, thanks muchly.


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4 responses to “Here comes the usher.

  1. cate3710

    Nordstrom has a pretty good selection of plus-sized stuff online. This one dress comes in blue or purple:

  2. bebehblog

    Target is always my first choice. Just stay away from the front part of the women’s section, that teeny-bopper crap doesn’t fit anyone over the age of 16. If the style isn’t too important you could also try a Marshalls or TJMaxx. I’ve had good luck there but it tends to lean more towards sundresses than formal dresses.

  3. All I could think when I clicked on the link to the Nordstrom dress was that if that woman is plus-sized, then something is horribly wrong with our society. That woman is NOWHERE NEAR “plus sized.”


  4. cate3710

    Britni, I think they use the same picture for the regular and plus-sized version of the dress. At least, that’s what I’m assuming, because yeah, that is not a plus-sized woman.

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