Nash to Letterman with the assist.


On nights that I can stay up, I’ve been torn between Conan on The Tonight Show, Colbert in Iraq, and good ole Letterman. Tonight, I know who’s going to win, at least from 10:30 to 11 Central Time.

It would be yes, my favorite athlete. He’s very talented, and that is why I snicker every time a sports commentator compliments Steve Nash’s “penetration.” Yes, that is it. It is a very mature fondness I have for the Canadian. And we’re colleagues now, since we’re both uh, distinguished and respected members of the news media.

He is on Facebook, and posted a link today announcing that he’s gonna be on David Letterman tonight with footage and such from his first day as “NBA Finals correspondent.”

No, this is not going to be a straight just-the-facts report. I’d bet money on that. He’s being hired by Letterman, not ESPN (although ESPN is not exactly just-the-facts lately. More just-the-hype). So he’ll be able to hone his finely tuned Canadian humor. Although I’m sure he wishes he was playing in the finals rather than reporting on them. I wonder if he’ll make fun of the sideline reporters who feel the need to ask questions at halftime. “So what do you guys have to do to win, Steve?” I’ve always wanted to see someone say, “Well, we should probably score more points than them, Craig.”

Speaking of Canadians, I dreamed last night that I was in Canada…doing Canadian stuff. And I was very impressed and awed to be in Canada. No, Steve Nash was not in the dream, but I think Tegan and Sara were. In a related story, I need to get out more.

If you don’t believe Nash can be funny, see below:


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