Mike Huckabee’s kids want to abort him. Or something.

Whenever it goes up tomorrow, I will be posting an interview detailing why I love and respect Jon Stewart more than any “real” newsperson. He did an interview with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, and while it seemed like quite a bit got cut out (full interview is online, also need to check that out), I love the way Stewart handled things. Huckabee was saying something like “At what point do you have complete ownership over a person?” and Stewart shot back, “At what point does the government have complete ownership of a woman?”

I applauded that one. In my living room. I’m sure the cat thought I was weird.

And when Huckabee’s saying that if we allow abortion (which we do) then his kids might want to kill him when he’s in the nursing home being cumbersome and expensive, I was thinking, “Only if you make really stupid analogies, Huck.” But Stewart again, had a better line: “But your kids don’t have to deal with you living inside of them.”

Stewart confessed, near the end of the interview, to having mixed emotions about abortion. Which is fine, because he doesn’t presume to make that decision for anyone else.

Crisis pregnancy centers, though, do try and accomplish just that. There was one in my college town. They’re everywhere, apparently not trusting a woman to make the “right” decision, instead lying to her and trying to cut her off from any other options. They threaten. They insult. And sometimes, they commit what I think is borderline criminal harassment. One woman’s story, from CPC Watch.

A few days later, my mom got an anonymous phone call that said I’d killed her grandbaby. I was infuriated and humiliated. Fortunately my mom was understanding and said she would have done the same thing but wishes I had talked to her first because she knew of a good clinic and I wouldn’t have ended up in this terrible place. I felt so happy and relieved. Seven months later, I got a card in the mail. It said, “Congratulations on Your New Baby!” but it was splattered with red paint or ink. Every year after that, I’d get a Happy Birthday card made for children, except they’re all splattered with red paint. We couldn’t get them to stop legally because there was no proof the Crisis Center was sending them.

See how “pro-life” these people are? See their true colors? I highly encourage checking out the Web site and warning the women in your life to avoid any of the known Crisis Pregnancy Centers. They’re about as woman-friendly as Mike Huckabee.

I have avoided talking about it here, but the slaying of George Tiller May 31 angered and saddened me. It made me realize just what kind of domestic terrorists we’re up against. Womb Terrorists may sound like a bad rock band, but oh, they’re out there. And if you’re not scared and angry by how they’ve been able to dominate the dialogue, then please, start paying attention.

Feel free to weigh in with any thoughts, including about the interview. And crap, I’m glad I came to this state after Huckabee left office.



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3 responses to “Mike Huckabee’s kids want to abort him. Or something.

  1. My thoughts:

    1.) Mike Huckabee is an idiot. That nursing home argument may be one of the stupidest arguments against abortion I’ve ever heard.

    2.) That crisis pregnancy center is sick. To keep up such a continued and cruel harassment of someone is the same thing as a person stalking or threatening another. It’s unfortunate they couldn’t prove the cards were coming from them, as I’d love to see those assholes prosecuted for criminal stalking.

    3.) There was an interesting article (I can’t remember where, maybe Salon) this past week about how many similarities the anti-abortion movement has with terrorists. For a bunch so insistent on saving lives, they sure as fuck couldn’t care less about the lives of the mothers of those fetuses.

  2. cate3710

    That card story is horrible. Definitely harassment, too bad they couldn’t prove the center was sending them.

  3. Mike Huckabee can lick me where I pee.

    That rhymes.

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