Hey girls! Let’s start a band and wear awkward bras!

Don't we just scream rock n' roll?

They're not at all uncomfortable here.

Hey girls, I think it’s time for us to start a band. I mean, Lulu plays the drums, I play the guitar, and Tiffany can play the keyboard. But, get this — I want us to wear underwire bras on stage! Yeah! Won’t that be hot and sexy and not at all awkward and stupid?

“No one thinks like that,” you say. Well, someone who works on ad campaigns for Vassarette bras apparently does. Because they thought it would be a brilliant idea to have a campaign around girls who wear Vassarette bras and weird Britney-schoolgirl skirts. Because that’s HAWT, y’all! I saw this in a magazine once and my first thought was, “WTF?”

I mean, they even have a Web site touting them as “the first bra band.” But apparently they’ve run out of pot at the ad agency, because the site is down, even though “we can’t tell you how much fun we’ve had!”

Can you imagine these poor models who got this campaign? I mean, I bet they’re praying that no one will notice if say, one of them makes it big and gets nominated for an Academy Award. I bet all their venues tried to make the stage as cold as possible, just to be cute. Yes, women musicians often play in tank tops and such. But generally not underwire bras that look like they were stolen from someone’s closet. I wonder what other campaigns Vassarette may start up now?

“So comfortable, I pick up Johnny from school in them!”

“So comfortable, I’ve required all my employees to wear them! I can’t say more, pending the outcome of a civil suit.”

If nothing else, it doesn’t seem like knowing your audience well. I suppose you could argue that girls are more likely to buy underwear if they think it will make them feel sexy; that is not sexy. And while some horny guys in college might need bras, they generally don’t buy them.


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