Weighty matters

I’m going to have to be careful talking about matters like this. Just ask Jezebel, where the shit always hits the fan when this type of thing comes up.

Is there any way to lose weight without hating yourself constantly with every calorie you count? Without berating yourself everytime you think of chocolate? Without turning into Cathy from the comic strip?

See, the dress I was ostensibly going to wear to the wedding came in yesterday. $60 with shipping, and I thought it would look nice and be a good deal. It was not and did not. It didn’t really fit in the bodice, and I doubt it would have looked that great even if it had fit.

I wanted to throw myself off my balcony. I wanted to eliminate food from my diet. I wanted to just stop craving food, to stop obsessing about how it looks if I order a combo instead of a salad. I wanted to not care about food at all, and therefore not care if I eat lettuce for dinner everyday. I wanted the voice in my head that called me a failure for what the scale says to just shut up already.

Unfortunately, I can’t do any of that. And neither, I suspect, do many of the woman I walk past everyday. The ideal presented in Vogue is rail-thin. Yet two thirds of Americans are fatty McFatfaces who all deserve to die for not looking like Vogue. Men are the exception, because fat men are funny. Fat women are just pathetic, apparently.



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4 responses to “Weighty matters

  1. bebehblog

    You are not pathetic. You’re not even close to pathetic. You’re just a 25 year old woman who didn’t fit into the size that dress happened to be. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. There is something wrong with that dress.

    Do you know I tried once to explain to my husband what it was like for me as a woman to look at a menu? He couldn’t comprehend it.

    But if you actually want a suggestions, I would say Slim-Fast. It has really worked for me in the past. I may even at one point been a “success story” on their website. It’s cheaper than most diet programs and doesn’t taste like cardboard. I highly suggest the cookie dough bars – they’re almost as good as real chocolate.

  2. Oh honey, you are not pathetic at all. You are human and we live in a society that makes women feel like shit for not being a size 2. Less than, like, 2% of the population fits into that beauty ideal and it sucks that popular culture makes women feel ugly and fat if they don’t.

    And on your blog, you can say whatever the hell you’re feeling about your weight/appearance and no one will jump on you. You’re entitled to your feelings, and I’m sorry that you’re having a day where you are feeling less than pretty.

    I, personally, don’t find the women that are a size 2 to be attractive. And there are so many other people, including men, out there that agree. You’re gorgeous and I hope that you can start feeling that way soon.

    Until then, keep your chin up and know that you’re not alone in your feelings ❤

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