She doesn’t need my sympathy. She needs a man, clearly.

If you believe People magazine and their sources, Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson have broken up. I figured they were about to either break up or get married. As a Cowboys fan, I preferred the former.

And yet, despite my best efforts, I’ve developed a bit of sympathy for J-Simp lately. I think her family is insane, and she probably is a few french fries short of a Happy Meal, but she’s also very much a product of her environment. When she first came on the scene, her dad Joe loved to promote her as Virgin Blonde Singer With Boobs. She liked to talk about how she and that guy from that boy band were waiting till marriage, whatever that means nowadays. Then she and the guy from the boy band divorced. So she went to John Mayer, then they broke up. Media portrays her as desperate and lonely, and why can’t she keep a man? I’m sure the same thing will happen in this case, especially since it’s reported that Romo broke up with her. And look at Jennifer Aniston: when the tabloids find a narrative, they latch onto it forever. Jennifer Aniston’s obit will start “The Emmy-winning star of Friends who was a desperate and needy woman who only wanted babies babies babies! died today…”

If I had to guess, I’d say Jessica Simpson does identify herself strongly based on who she is dating. Her upbringing seems like it was designed to make her dependent on a man. And her dad, who calls himself a preacher, has always been very much involved in her life, often to inappropriate levels. While she has a pretty successful shoe line and other endeavors, she’s mostly famous for being famous. And because she’s not burning up the movie screen or the radio, she’s also famous for who she dates. A professional girlfriend, almost. She pissed off a lot of people by showing up to games in a pink No. 9 jersey (including me). But looking back, that anger seems misplaced. If you put a camera in front of someone who loves attention, what do you expect?

And hell, I’m probably spending too much time on this topic. Romo strikes me as a bit of a fame-whoring QB, so he and J-Simp worked well together. But now he can devote all his attention to football, theoretically. Although really, if the media hooha over who he was dating was that distracting, maybe he should go quarterback in the UFL. Who knows, maybe he’ll now turn to dating someone from The Hills. But it’s interesting that, regardless of who dumped who, the guy is often seen as “moving on” and “ready to get on with his life,” while the girl is desperate and needy and sad and pathetic and oh god who will impregnate her lonely womb now? Double standards suck, regardless of who they involve.



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5 responses to “She doesn’t need my sympathy. She needs a man, clearly.

  1. TheDomina

    I stopped reading this at “as a Cowboy’s fan”…GIANTS for the win!

    Also, Romo always struck me as a fame whore as well.

  2. Domina, I can’t blame you for being a Giants fan. They do kick the arse of my Cowboys more often than not, it seems. And I loved that they beat the evil Patriots in the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, I was basically born a Cowboys fan, and I can’t stop, even though sometimes I would like to because god they’re frustrating.

  3. bebehblog

    A Cowboy’s fan?! Hates my Pats?! I don’t think we can be friends.

    Seriously, all of this is exactly how I feel about J. Simp. Except I can verify that she really is a nice person, at least as far as her fans go, so I sympathize with her even more. Wanna hear my story about how she gave me a Diet Coke when I met her backstage at her concert once? Oh wait, that’s pretty much the whole story.

  4. We are of the same mind on this one! It makes me so sick how the tabloids paint women as lonely, desperate and pathetic. While you NEVER see that depiction of a male celebrity. It’s amazing that level of sexism is not only tolerated, but damn near celebrated. Oh, how they love to revel in the heartbreaks of poor, sad girls like J-Simp and Jen Aniston. It makes me so angry.

  5. Oh, and one more thing: I totally agree that Jessica has probably been raised to be dependent on men. For some reason, being a Christian woman in the south means you have to lean on daddy and then hurry up and get yourself a husband to lean on. None of that being independent and doing things for yourself nonsense! Jesus don’t like that! Sigh.

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