Minnesota Matrimony, on You Tube and otherwise.

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune

So I finally got around to watching the wedding dance video-I had heard about it, as it was on the front page of the local paper the day of my friend’s wedding (yup, I was in Minnesota). I had two thoughts upon seeing it:

1) What a happy crazy wedding party! How fun


2) Why did they have to use a Chris Brown song that was also used as a gum jingle?

3) (Bonus thought added later): Hey, I think I know where that church is. Near the state capital, maybe?

Now, I was late to the party, of course. It’s gotten millions of hits on YouTube, and the couple and their attendants got flown out to NYC to “recreate” the dance. Which itself is rather cheesy, but hey, free trip to New York. Unless you piss off the people paying your bill.

A Minnesota couple whose joyful wedding entrance was the subject of a popular YouTube video were kicked out of their New York City hotel and had their airline tickets taken away Friday when ABC, which had paid their way, learned they were to appear first on a rival NBC show, a New York tabloid paper reported Saturday.

Ouch. That’s cold, ABC. Though I sort of get it. But really, you can only do that dance once. It’d be like a wedding couple “recreating” their first dance for NBC. It only works once. I was in a state of adrenaline, joy and near-tears when the wedding started, and I wasn’t even the one getting married. If I did some little dance of some sort while experiencing all those emotions, it wouldn’t feel the same on a TV show. It would feel awkward and silly, like I was doing it for money…which I probably would be.

And really, Chris Brown? Perfectly nice song, and I understand, I guess, why it was chosen. But the wedding was last month, and frankly, I wouldn’t want to dance down the aisle to some guy who beat up Rihanna. And his career has since gotten a bit of a boost, sigh. By all accounts, these two people are very happy (and even if they were not, I doubt a family member would tell a newspaper, “Oh god, I don’t know why these morons got married. They’re terrible together.”). But the Chris Brown thing adds a sour note, as does, to a point, all the media attention. As quickly as the media showers you with love and free trips, they’ll turn on you, fast. It’s a sweet story that didn’t need NBC or ABC to be sweet.

But good luck to them. I like it when couples buck tradition, even if its just something simple like dispensing with the bouquet toss and garter toss. The wedding I was just at saw no need for either, so good on them (the garter toss especially is a bit skeevy to me). And if the YouTube couple’s marriage ever goes south? Maybe we’ll get them dancing the other way down the aisle to “The Divorce Song.”

And Eddie and Heather? Congratulations. I’m so happy I got to be part of your day, even if we didn’t get to do the Smustle. I have memories that will lost a lot longer than say, a piece of Doublemint gum. And the memories are what matter. I think the Heinz-Petersons would probably agree.

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