Love of fame brings Kardashian and Odom together.

by lalaland13/Sanctity of Marriage Correspondent

The quickie wedding of person-who-has-a-show-on-E! Khloe Kardashian and L.A. Laker Lamar Odom came about because they share several common goals, including the desire to be famous without having to accomplish anything meaningful.
“I may play for the reigning world champions of the NBA, but something was missing in my life,” Odom said in a statement Tuesday. “I finally realized it when I saw Kourtney-I mean, Khloe. Her name is Khloe. See, while the city of Los Angeles gave me and my teammates a parade, I want the kind of fame that can only come with marrying into a family that has a show on basic cable.”
Sources say Khloe would have preferred to marry Laker Kobe Bryant “because he would fit in with the theme of the show really well,” but changed her mind once she realized Kobe is already married and Odom just signed a new contract.
Khloe has taken a backseat lately to sister Kim, who launched the Kardashian empire with a leaked sex video and an interesting ass, and Kourtney, who surprised many by managing to get pregnant by her cheating asshole whiny boyfriend.
” I thought she would have gotten herpes,” a friend of Kourtney’s said. “Not pregnant. But this will help her career tremendously, a lot more than a Valtrex endorsement deal would have.”
Khloe plans to take a moment during the wedding to point and laugh at her two unmarried sisters, then promise to love and honor her groom as long as they can keep getting tabloid covers and reality shows.
The E! network is already in talks with the pair for their own reality show. Working titles include “Balls of Love,” “Lamar and Khloe’s Slam Dunk of Love,” and “Throwing Money at Two Shitheads.”

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