Suh Sacks McCoy on Flight to Heisman Presentation

30,000 FEET ABOVE THE AIR – Heisman finalist Ndamukong Suh is putting a lot of pressure on Colt McCoy during their chartered flight to the New York City for the Heisman Trophy presentation, insiders reported Wednesday.

Suh recorded 4.5 sacks of McCoy during Saturday’s Big 12 championship game in Arlington, and had already recorded “at least a couple more” two hours into the flight, said a flight crew member who asked to remain anonymous for fear of being tackled.

“Colt asked for a soda, and Nuh came barreling in out of nowhere and crushed him against one of the seats,” the source said. “He then rumbled off with Colt’s Mountain Dew.”

Suh also hit McCoy so hard at one point that he fumbled his bag of sour cream and onion potato chips. McCoy wanted to use the airplane’s toilet, but had to get some help from teammate and kicker Hunter Lawrence, who kicked him over the seats and into the lavatory, multiple sources said. The sources also agreed there was no apparent reason for Lawrence to be on the flight to New York.

McCoy has told friends that, should his name be called Saturday as the most outstanding player in college football, he plans to accept the trophy gratefully, then quickly lob it to wide receiver Jordan Shipley, who will run downtown to the hotel as Suh puts McCoy on the ground.


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