Hey, remember when I had a blog here?

It was part of my secret plan not to post at all in 2012, just so all five of my readers (OK, three) and all eight of my spam bots would miss me and the anticipation would become more fevered than the line outside one of those British boy band concerts on Black Friday.

The other day a friend asked if I had a blog, said she would totally read it. “I did.” I said. “No one read it.”

That was a little awkward.

I don’t know what to do with this, but I don’t want it to vanish into the Internet ether. So. Looking back on some of this, especially the fake news, a fair amount sucks, but some of it’s not bad.

I’m applying to grad school. Guess I should mention that.

On a serious note, my grandfather died last year. That’s him and my grandmother, below. I posted that pic elsewhere and people came out of the Interwebz woodwork to say I look like my grandmother. My mom always said that. I refused to believe it, because my face was too fat and I wasn’t pretty like her and also, my face was too fat.

Then at the funeral, my grandmother’s surviving kid brother (as opposed to her non-surviving brother, I guess?) showed up and brought his wife. His wife looked at the photo, then looked at me. Said, “You look so much like your grandmother!”

I thanked her. Then decided to at least consider believing it.

My grandparents the day they were married/the last day I posted on this blog.

My grandparents the day they were married/the last day I posted on this blog.


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