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TV shows I should probably watch.

Last night I was at Target to buy cat litter, and moseyed over to the DVDs. They had a bunch of em on sale, including Golden Girls for $8.99 a season. It’s hard to get a good feature film on DVD for that price, much less an entire season of a show. Unfortunately, I was a bit late to the party, as most of the seasons were out of stock. And for some reason, Season 1 was not on sale and was $20, which would normally be a good deal but, comparatively speaking, was not.

Anyway, I have too many DVDs waiting to be watched. I’m still less than halfway through with the third season of Grey’s Anatomy (I have somehow managed to watch the first two seasons). I have Mad Men Season 1 on DVD but have only watched a couple of episodes. Both of which I liked. But I get so easily distracted, damnit. I’ll be all “Oh I should watch a DVD tonight,” then get distracted by some meaningless thing on TV, or decide I want a nap. It’s one reason I’m kind of terrible at Netflix.

But I do find time to browse and pick out shoes that look like they’re worth something. Below, a few shows on my radar.

I don’t get HBO, but have heard and read some really good things about this show. I’m kind of an advice column junkie because I love reading about how screwed-up other people are. I also probably should be in therapy. So this intrigues me. It’s on my Netflix queue, but at the rate I’m going, I may not get to it until 2013 or so.

Religious dysfunction? I can get behind that. Also, I am in favor of any TV show with opening credits where the cast is figure skating.

This show comes recommended by my friend over at Bubblegum Culture, as well as others. Just about every critic in the world loves it. True, I went to a football-crazed Texas high school, so I might constantly compare the real thing to the TV version (which is based somewhat on a book about the real thing). And I even get NBC, so I don’t know why I haven’t caught this show yet, even just while flipping through channels


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VF opts for dead people over Mad Men.



Well, I understand why they did it. Two very famous people died the same day (which also happened to be the day before my birthday, to make it all about me).

But, if at least one report is right, Vanity Fair was planning on slapping the cover of Mad Men on the September cover, which is also “The Style Issue.” Nothing against Farrah and Michael, but it feels a bit odd to see “The Style Issue” next to “FALLEN ANGEL” and “FALLEN KING.” Then, these two died, and well, they decided to ship out two covers.

I stopped subscribing to VF because it was boring me and annoying me, often simultaneously. Plus, I hate auto-renew and will do just about anything to avoid it. One exception was when I got a subscription to Entertainment Weekly for $10. They sent me a notice that they’re renewing it for a still-very-reasonable $20, but they think wrong, as I’ve gotten a new debit card since then. Muahaha. OK, </tangent.

As insufferably snobby as VF can be, I'll probably buy this issue (although hopefully the interviewer won't be as much of a jerk as whoever interviewed Jessica Simpson a few months back. If Bruce Handy starts calling Christina Hendricks fat, I'm pretty sure a few thousand men and women would be willing to defend her honor). Also, they never seemed to get that it was not a requirement to photograph all the female starlets in the strategically-placed buff. The same was never expected of the men, of course.

I just started watching Mad Men, finally, after months of admiring it without ever seeing more than a few minutes of it. I like it. It’s perhaps quieter than your normal TV show-no explosions or zany antics-but still quite enjoyable.

How does the cover change affect whether you will or won't buy VF? And which cover do you prefer? I'll probably look for the Farrah one, since I've seen enough Michael Jackson covers lately.


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