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In the Conzone

NBC photo

NBC photo

Hey Conan O’Brien.Congrats on The Tonight Show. I really want you to do well here. But a couple problems that may not be that important, but I’ve noticed them all the same:

1) Second night out, and you’re already back to making Kirstie Alley jokes. Really. We get it. She’s fat. So fat that Jamie Foxx would go into the Witness Protection Program to avoid her professed desire for a “booty call.” Aren’t there other targets, fat or otherwise, to make fun of at this point?

2) We know Manny Ramirez is on fertility drugs because he cries and accuses us of not caring about his feelings. This one isn’t as bad, because you haven’t done it a million times.

I almost feel petty mentioning it because there are some great bits the first two nights: You shopping on Rodeo Road to the strains of “Pretty Woman” is pretty great. As was last night’s cold open of you running from NYC to the West Coast.

But you’re better than repeated fat jokes about Kirstie Alley, for chrissakes. The comedy world is dominated by males, who I’m guessing write most of these jokes. So at the risk of sounding like an emotional chick, stop being lazy.


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